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What's included:

The Entire Wonder Child Program:

Dozens of hours of hands on experience

Monthly Training Sessions Live with Bela

Community for Facilitators + Support

Learn how to create conditions for true liberation and transformation for 1:1 clients and groups through a deep dive into healing the inner child.

A 6-month, 40-50 hour, fully accredited Inner Child Facilitator Training. For therapists, coaches, teachers, and leaders who want to learn how to facilitate life-changing transformation for their clients.

As Gabor Mate says, all trauma is childhood trauma.

We all live childhood, and we develop wounds in childhood.

If we don’t heal these wounds, we’ll live at the mercy of our wounded inner children….

Learn how to not only heal and facilitate transformation for yourself…but also become a world-class facilitator through a thorough and deep journey into the mind, body, and soul. 

  • Receive dozens of hours of hands-on experience
  • Receive feedback and have your sessions reviewed & commented on for opportunities for growth
  • Gather testimonials
  • Gain the confidence in your skills necessary to become an influential and powerful leader and facilitator.
  • Learn the inner workings of how to create conditions necessary for transformative experiences

What’s Included:

  • The Entire Wonder Child Program
  • Monthly Training Sessions live with Bela & your facilitator cohort
  • Workbooks and Scripts to help you become a powerful facilitator
  • Dozens of Hours of Hands-on experience
  • Review of your practice sessions, and critiques to help you improve
  • Plenty of time to ask questions and gain clarity 
  • An absolutely epic curriculum that will catapult you into activating your leadership skills


  • You must conduct 3 Practice Sessions Monthly to receive the certification. If you fall behind, you’ll have until the last day of the course, but plan to stay on schedule!

  • 1 Monthly session must be done with another facilitator/classmate in the training, the other two can be done with anyone else. You’ll be required to get a short feedback form completed by your practice clients and to submit it to the Divine Self Team for proof, the other can be done with anyone else, + you need their signature + photo evidence of the session + short feedback for us to review + for you to improve.
  • Feedback will be reviewed by Bela or trained staff members. You’ll be encouraged to submit any questions or blocks after your practice sessions that Bela will review either through video, written explanation or on a live call. 
  • Bela will likely offer additional support in the form of private videos/resources in the community space to make sure all questions are answered.

The Sessions / Monthly Themes:

1. The Inner Workings of Transformation

In this training you'll learn the framework for what defines a transformative experience, and how to create one for your clients, through the lens of Inner Child Healing Work. You'll also be equipped with tools for each stage of the transformation, so that you can begin practice sessions right away.

2. Creating Conditions for Transformation (Trauma Informed)

If you want to be a transformative facilitator that delivers incredible results, you have to effectively guide your clients through exponential and life-changing experiences. In this training we'll be learning the key elements of facilitating transformative journeys and and introducing how to help clients with their mother/father wounds. You'll also be learning the foundations of trauma informed inner child teachings.

3. Sequencing & Opening + Closing Sessions Effectively

Learn how to use the workbooks & tools you've been provided to nurture your needs and your client needs through your own signature sequence unmet childhood needs healing session, as well as when to frontload vs. backload sessions.

4. The Embodied & Confident Leader (the way of the wolf)

Hone in on your presence and skills as an embodied leader. Learn how to cultivate trust with clients. Overcome blocks like perfectionism and insecurity, as you're equipped with tools to help you masterfully face a variety of scenarios and uncomfortable circumstances that might arise from time to time, so that you can artfully restore balance and peace for your clients, no matter how chaotic things may feel in moments.

5. High vs. Low Risk Experiences

Begin deepening your experience with your arsenal of tools by learning which tools are low-risk vs. high-risk, and how and when to use them in different scenarios. You'll also be learning about elemental sequencing, and how to sequence sessions that highlight your unique strengths as a leader.

6. Communicating your Skillset & Sessions to the World

Get ready to integrate everything that we've learned in this facilitator training with a deep-dive into all of the final tools and teachings surrounding the inner child necessary for you to begin your work as a Trained Inner Child Facilitator. This includes learning how to market your sessions and experiences, so that you attract the right kinds of clients. This final session is designed to help you integrate all of the previous wisdom that you've learned by bringing together your intentions, roles, key-teachings, unique skills, and experience to confidently and freely help others heal their inner children.

The Live Schedule for the

Wonder Child Facilitator Training:

We will meet on the following Sundays at 2PM EST.

All Calls will be approximately 90 minutes long.

Experience Dates :

Feb 19th, March 12th, April 9th, May 7th, June 11th July 9th

Facilitator Dates:

Feb 26th, March 26th, April 16th, May 28th, June 25th, July 16th

call dates are subject to change.


$5000 USD Pay in Full ($555 off regular price)

OR $5555 USD Payment Plan X 4 Payments of $1388

Pay in Full Option

Hi, I'm Bela.

I’m a Trained Trauma Specialist, Published Author, Mexican Mystic, Certified Coach, & Psychotherapist of 5 years, specializing in Inner Child and Ancestral Healing work. I’ve mentored over 2000 people, and I’ve gained a reputation for facilitating life-changing journeys and exhibiting powerful and loving leadership. For years, I’ve been asked to create an inner child healing intensive as it is my most popular work (and what catapulted my business to success). I’m so excited for you to experience this!

This course will include Psychotherapeutic Elements, NLP/Time Techniques, Plenty of Somatics + Body Based Tools + Emotional Awareness Work + Sensory Exploration + Power Dynamics + Energetics

Client Love:

"I come from a broken home where my mom abandoned me and has been in and out of rehab and jail my entire life. I was caught in an extreme cycle of depression and trauma, and Bela helped me go SO deep and heal the wounds. My relationship with my inner child and my intuition has profoundly strengthened, as well as my confidence in myself and my purpose. It's so strong now! Through her knowledge and gifts of healing, Bela introduces you to all the tools needed to heal and grow your spirit. My thanks to Bela is endless."

- Taylor (USA)

"I finally feel empowered and able to step into my most soul-aligned role, free from fear of what might happen. I'm instead filled with love, gratitude and a deep knowing that everything has a higher purpose. I'm finally able to express myself and feel confident in my healing abilities freely."

- Rakhee (UK)

"Being a mother of two teens, I initially questioned having a younger mentor, the truth is though, that age is no limit for further awareness, growth and connection. I have thoroughly enjoyed and trusted the process of each task, tutorial, call and divine connection! The investment far outweighs any personal considerations. Bela's offering far exceeded expectations I had in the beginning. Bela's commitment to each woman regardless of their knowledge and understanding was one of true collective compassion and brilliance."

- Yaelle (AUS)


$5000 USD Pay in Full ($555 off regular price)

OR $5555 USD Payment Plan X 4 Payments of $1388

Client Love:

 "I found this more valuable than years of therapy to be honest. If you're thinking about working with Bela go for it, I wish I had jsooner. Thank you so much Bela for being such an honourable guide and bringing this sacred community of sisterhood together."

- Madeline (USA)

"To anyone feeling the pull to work with Bela, I would just say go ahead, do it, jump, take the leap of faith. Her energy and her light are no lies, when you feel it, you know it’s true, so follow your true intuition, don’t listen to fear and embark on this magical journey with her. It will be darkness and light, it will be ugly and beautiful, it will be sadness and gratitude and most of all it will be all of the in-betweens. You will experience the full spectrum of life and trust me, in 3 months you will feel reborn, like there was never anything other than being your truest self."

- Deborah (USA)

"Working with Bela is the commitment to your life purpose, she gently will guide you through all of the obstacles you have created so that you come back to your inner joy and purpose - which you are here for. I believe that is not easy to find such an honest, dedicated mentor for that price and if you feel the call do it for yourself!"

- Dominika (POL)